2021.12.23 Production Release

Time Sheet

  • Updated click on a calendar date to persist on the selected date
  • Added Working and Non-Working Filters for time logs


  • Added the ability to assign partial payments to invoices
  • Added partial payment column to Invoiced pages
  • Created logging for invoice updates
  • Cached last filter settings for Ready to Invoice and Invoiced pages
  • Integrated partial payments with Xero, QBO, and Freshbooks
  • Added Overage Billable Hours to Invoices
  • Updated the address format on invoices to fit better in address windows on envelopes
  • Fixed bug on inline invoice editing
  • Fixed status time log filter


  • Added Invoiced and Invoiced and Paid filters for time logs
  • Added Invoice column for time logs assigned to Invoices
  • Added Paid column for time logs that have been paid


  • Removed the option for Users and Super Users to create KB articles


  • Added budget hours for contacts = Time Tracking No Invoice
  • Updated Contract Detail report to show included hours and remaining hours for Time Tracking Only contracts


  • Show Account profile information on ticket details
  • Updated ticket filters to move Locations under Accounts / Projects

Task Types

  • Added time increments and minimum loggable time for individual task types


  • Added Markup option for expense items

Custom Reports

  • Fixed issue where Closure Notes were not showing correctly in the Ticket data source

QuickBooks Online

  • Added the ability to bulk sync to QBO from Time Sheets
  • Fixed integration issue when QBO was not assigning the correct Account tax rate

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed bug on Timesheet when saving time log record
  • Fixed captcha issue on portal
  • Fixed QBO sync issue on Timesheet page
  • Fixed bug on deleting Queues
  • Fixed the Ticket Count Report not showing the correct results in Open
  • Fixed sort bug on ticket column
  • Fixed Contractor bug where they could see all account
  • Fixed bug on ticket's Day Old timer showing the incorrect value