2019.08.15 Production Release

Email Parser

  • Automatically activate a user that is inactive if they send an email to create a new ticket or respond to an open ticket
  • Added the ability to add expenses to an account via the email parser

QuickBooks Desktop

  • Fixed the date issue when importing into QuickBooks
  • Fixed the issue with the account name updating correctly into the billing field

QuickBooks Online

  • Created a challenge box updating the user that an invoice is currently synced with QBO


  • Added the ability for System Admins to log into their billing page to update payment on expired accounts
  • Added the organization's billing history with details


  • Moved the downloading of Accounts a background service to prevent time-out issues


  • Fixed the issue with completed ToDo's remaining persistent on the technician's home


  • Added UserID to the API library

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the global error handler